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Lisa Butterbrodt is a respected design professional for over 25 years. She has created beautiful homes in coastal Californina, ranches and mountain resorts throughout the country such as Aspen, Sun Valley, Crested Butte, Lake Tahoe, Montana, as well as penthouses in Washington D.C. and New York.

Lisa graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Art degree in Interior Design. She moved to California shortly after graduation and began her career in commercial and hospitality design. Lisa successfully transitioned her emphasis to residential design and founded Butterbrodt Design, Inc. (BDI). She began working with architects and contractors on many types of projects from new construction and major remodeling projects to smaller, more intimate projects.
"My aesthetic is always fresh and evolving. I believe that everyone should live with what they love. I am completely involved in fulfilling my client's needs and wishes. Traveling to different cities, towns, and countries is so important. It is central to staying fresh without succumbing to the latest design fad. You must be out there to make new discoveries and get inspiration, but you must always keep your client’s best interests in mind."
With the help of her talented and capable staff, Lisa creates homes her clients are proud of and where they enjoy living.

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