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The Design Process, while long and tedious, is one of the most rewarding experiences, bringing a sense of belonging and wonderment into the life of each individual. The cultivation of ideas and inspirations into reality, allows you to achieve true expression and inspired lifestyle. Your vision becomes tangible, and you can begin to live out your dream

The initial step of the Conceptual Design stage starts with a comprehensive understanding of my clients 'wish list', likes and dislikes, and an appreciation of the desired lifestyle to be achieved. Coupled with the understanding of the architect's vision and schematics, the interior design plan is drafted. This stage incorporates a 'look book', survey of the floor plan, and furniture layouts outlining how the concepts proposed will apply to the home. The conceptual design phase lays the foundation, providing my clients visual documents while creating a basis for the working details that follow.

Following the approval of the conceptual design and the arrival at the comfortable overall direction, out team can proceed with one of the most exciting stages of the project, the Technical Design Phase. This stage is centered on the production of the full- scale computer model; generating floor plans, elevations, and photo realistic views of the completed interiors. By providing these visual aids, we mitigate any anxiety that could occur when coming to a decision about the direction of the project. The use of 3D design brings comfort and a realistic vision for the final look of your home. Our goal is to give this step of the process the proper time and commitment, to ensure everything is exactly what each client has envisioned

Precise and thorough specifications are vital to overseeing budgets and guaranteeing successful execution of the vision. From elaborate flooring designs to vaulted ceilings. custom millwork to hand forged fixtures, the design specification is the expression of the interior. This expression is achieved through the marriage of the two fundamental characteristics: beauty and function. Clients are presented with a personal book made up of a collection of drawings and specifications for all floor, wall, and ceiling treatments, built-in cabinetry and surfaces, plumbing and appliances, lighting, furnishings, textiles, rugs, and accessories for consideration. My process and documentation is light and straightforward, easing my clients understanding of all plans, details, costs, and scheduling.

The only way to ensure that my client's expectations are being exceeded, is to work closely with the architect, contractors, and vendors throughout the construction process. Full emersion into the development stage assures project timeliness and quality.

The final and most anticipated point of the design process is the installation. Once construction is finalized, my team of manufacturers, suppliers, and installers being the installation of all elements. Under my personal direction, the installation of draperies, wall upholstery, furnishings, and accessories are scheduled throughout the course of the design process. My process is unique and progressive, and the selection of accessories and wall art comes from the inspiration that is achieved throughout the installation process. No detail is overlooked, and no wall goes untouched. All pieces come together to form the perfect balance between beauty and function.


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